What to do in Amsterdam. What to visit in Amsterdam. Where are the Amsterdam Locals going

What to do in Amsterdam. What to visit in Amsterdam. Where are the Amsterdam Locals going. The best bar in Amsterdam.

What to do in Amsterdam? What to visit in Amsterdam. Visit the best bars and restaurants in Amsterdam.


Where are the Amsterdam Locals going??

Do you really want to go where the Amsterdam Locals go? Perfect I will tell you.

In the first place It’s the most relax place where the real Amsterdam Locals are going.

Its “Amsterdam Roest, restaurant / bar”


What would you like? Beer, wine, restaurant, art, fashion shows, sport, live music, city beach, architectonic old industrial buildings, markets, culinary events? They have it all at “Amsterdam Roest” restaurant / bar. If the weather is good you can sit outside at the waterside in the sand, in a big old chesterfield or you sit on a group sit-table on the city beach. Sit somewhere on a table. Or you can stand somewhere in the sand? Roll an old industrial electrical cable roller to your place and use it as table. You even may lay your feet on it, nobody will care about it. “Live and let live”. Amsterdam Roest is the best place for free minded Amsterdam Locals, it’s the bar with the best environment in Amsterdam. By the way the menu is good and tastefull. The life music is from all kind and styles.

The prices are affordable and the atmosphere is super relax. I tell you honestly, this is the most relax spot in Amsterdam. If you want to feel the relaxed Amsterdam Locals feeling, visit “Amsterdam Roest”. By the way, go to their website and check the slideshow. Or check the pictures on google or facebook.




Take the address with you because it is for a foreigner not easy to find. Best spots are the best kept secrets of Amsterdam Locals.



Jacob Bontiusplaats
1018 LL Amsterdam


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