Vincent van Gogh Museum. Amsterdam Locals

Vincent van Gogh Museum. Amsterdam Locals

The Art of Vincent van Gogh at the Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Locals: What to do in Amsterdam, Where go the Amsterdam Locals? The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam.


The Van Gogh Museum is one of the most famous art museums in Amsterdam and even in the world.

Van Gogh style was so renewable (and still it is modern) and his influence was so big that he became one of the most famous modern artists in the world, especially from the 19th century.


One of the most famous paintings of Vincent van Gogh is “ De Aardappeleters”. “The Potato eaters”.

It’s a painting of the hard farmers live in the south of the Netherlands the Area Branbant the area where Vincent is born and grown up. Vincent van Gogh made two of this “The Potato eaters” paintings.


The second “The Potato eaters” painting has a more bright lamp above the table and cause of that more bright colours and has the more later van Gogh style. Also is the position of the persons different and it looks more close by. This particular painting you can see in the Kröller-Müller Museum, In Otterlo The Netherlands 100 KM of Amsterdam. Also you ca see here the other famous paintings “Café Terrace on the Place du Forum in Arles. Vincent van Gogh Made it  in 1888”.


Amsterdam Locals most favourite Vincent van Gogh paintings are the Blossoming Almond Tree, 1890 you can see it in the Van Gogh Museum, in Amsterdam. Next to that Amsterdam locals like the self-portraits he made. (Vincent van Gogh made 40 self-portraits). It gives you the feeling that Vincent is still with us, that you look at him while he is creating his famous art. You also can see some of them at the Van Gogh Museum, in Amsterdam


Have a nice visit at this two museums, don’t forget to go there you wull absolutely regret if you don’t visit this amazing Vincent van Gogh art.



Address: Van Gogh Museum,
Museumplein 6,
1071 DJ Amsterdam


Address: Kröller-Müller Museum
Houtkampweg 6
6731 AW Otterlo
T +31 (0)318 591 241  



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