Amsterdam Locals in the Jungle of Peru.

Amsterdam Locals in the Jungle of Peru.

Amsterdam Locals watching caimans in the Amazone Jungle of Peru.

Amsterdam Locals in the Jungle of Peru.

Amsterdam Locals trip to the Amazone Jungle of Peru. Arrived in Puerto Maldonado I am really surprised about so many plastics and all kind of trash at the side of the roads of this not inspiring city. Despite the fact I am used to it, it’s really sad to see all the dirt. You see so many times in so many countries everywhere trash at the side of the roads.


When we are all checked in at the office of the Corto Maltes Amazonia Jungle Lodge (the office is still in Puerto Maldonado) we go in the boat which brings us in 40 minutes to the Jungle Lodge. In 40 minutes you enter another world. The lodges look very good, we get lunch and then we go to our first trip. The food is all fresh local food and from their own garden.


Caimans and Amsterdam Locals 

We go on a boat for a caiman trip around the river shore in the area of a mile around the lodge. After 2 minutes in the boat we see the first caiman. The area is full of caimans; big and smaller ones. It’s amazing to see these animals so close to the boat. But when a huge 2 and half meter long caiman with his enormous mouth a little bit open (so I can see his large tooth) appears in front of the boat and comes straight to the boat. I get a little bit scared and by instinct I held the peddle of the boat close to me to hit him in case of an attack. Probably this peddle will not save my life if he attacks, but I do it by instinct. The caiman just pass the boat, without any form of aggression, but more with respect, like he wants to say “you are allowed to be here as long as you be nice to us”. These animals don’t, pollute the earth, nor the environment. We people do it unfortunately.


We people are not nice to the animals, nor to the earth. If you see these big peaceful and powerful animals in real life, you will respect them much more. You will realize that we must stop to pollute and destroy their and our own living area.


It is a very impressing first evening boat trip, one I will never forget.

If you want to see the caimans yourself, get in contact with Local Hero Travel


Take care of your own environment, 

Amsterdam Locals 



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