About Us

About Us

“Amsterdam Locals”
"the only social lifestyle brand



The brand Amsterdam Locals
The brand name was born after a number of happenings, which is described below

While sitting on a terrace in Amsterdam and watching the several bikes crossing by with fully loaded bags, we got the idea to produce bike panners made from used inner tubes. With this upcycle, the waste of the bike comes back to the bike on a clever way.

Amsterdam Locals
During traveling I visited big cities, with the new life-style brand idea in my head, I continuous got the standard question; ‘where are you from’? In some countries people don’t know the Netherlands, however everyone know AMSTERDAM. When I explained them my home city is 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Amsterdam centre, they replied with: ‘I travel daily more than one hour to my work’. We had to laugh about this, for those people I was an ‘Amsterdam Local’.

Cancer-free world
Seeing several family members, friends and relatives suffering and dying from cancer, I decided I had to do something. I didn’t want to watch and see 1 in 4 people getting the disease and unfortunately still 60% of them not surviving. Our goal is financially supporting the research to cancer, and get the rid with it! After hearing stories from people who stayed often in Amsterdam for cancer treatment that they felt like a Local. Then I knew exactly what the name of the new social life-style brand would be. All ideas came together with Amsterdam, in Amsterdam.

Our goal; support financially the research of cancer
Through: High quality life-style items

We for sure hope to support in the future more health research, but of course that depends also on you; when you support us, we support you. With our high quality products, you don’t only buy high quality items, but also support your own health future.

We work on base of fair trade policy, and where possible durable and green. Our mission is the delivery of high quality trendy life-style items. With our products we have the goal to support the disappearance of cancer. We donate our company income to research centres as the NKI centre Amsterdam, to support the research.

“Amsterdam Locals”
"the only social lifestyle brand". 

 We will be there for you


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We donate at Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Foundation

Goal: cancer out of the world

Amsterdam Locals, healthy, social, sustainable.